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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Morning Meditation A Prayer for the Coming Night

Morning Meditation

A Prayer for the Coming Night

The sunlight streams through my window;

The flame of my prayer candle reaches up in recognition to the sun.

The relationship is blest.

The great light from the sky...

My small light from the earth....

I am answering, yes, I am answering,

And I am saying YES!

There are windows everywhere;

There are candles lit in holy anticipation.

The great light generously pouring in through every open window....

The small, hopeful lights of the earth, rising in recognition...

We are answering, yes we are answering,

And we are saying YES!

O Great Light,

Illumine our paths to find each other.

Help us join our small earth candles

To create an amazing bonfire!

A bonfire to illumine dark earth through the long night

When the world has turned its face away

From your embracing light.

We are answering, yes, that we will be bearers of that fire,

And we are shouting, "YES"!

Gail Speckmann

May 18, 2010