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Monday, December 7, 2009

Third Eye / Third Ear

One early morning a few years ago, I was standing in the middle of street in Fish Creek, Wisconsin, taking photos from various angles. A pedestrian called to me from the sidewalk and asked “What do you see that I don’t?’’ I responded light-heartedly, “Oh, I see lots of things that you don’t---I’m an artist!” “Ah,” he spoke back, philosophically, “That’s right---you artists have that “third eye” open!”

Well, as a writer also, I need to keep my “third ear” open too! I hope you will enjoy the art and poetry that I intend to share with you. Creativity is a joy-filled act in which I participate, but, at its best, the inspiration comes from beyond.

Looks like this playful painting of myself still needs more eyes and ears!

(See photo at top of my blogsite).

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  1. What we see and how we look at something changes as we age. A young boy and an elderly man never
    see the same thing when looking in the same direction.
    Fred DeLaria