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Monday, December 14, 2009

"Artists!!….What are they thinking!?*#"

This is my second blog entry from my own experiences that may help illustrate why I would want to take up this writing project. My initial plan is to write as often as I feel I have something to say and the time to do it. In other words, this will not be a daily journal, but hopefully one worth your time to read.

"Artists!!….What are they thinking!?*#”

Several years ago I helped my 17-year old daughter enter a couple of her photographs that she’d taken into a juried art show. I helpfully attached the labels on the back: “Recess in Bermuda” (children on a playground) and “Friends” (our collie lovingly licking our panicked rabbit’s head). When the juried results came back in the mail, “Recess in Bermuda” had been accepted; “Friends” had not.

I went to pick up the rejected piece. I arrived there and was handed back the photograph of the children on the playground. Puzzled, I queried if the exhibit helper was returning the wrong piece. So he took me into the beautifully hung exhibit, not yet open to the public. There, hanging on the wall was the portrait of our collie and rabbit interacting, along with the title card clearing reading “Recess in Bermuda”. I laughed and laughed, imagining how the public might have shaken their heads over the title….”Artists….What are they thinking!?*#”

Yes, it is true that artists often have a different way of looking at life. Sometimes we have valuable and unique insights to offer. But, as you can see, sometimes we’re just plain mixed up!

I hope you will enjoy this colorful, “full spectrum” journey with me as I blog of the humorous, the serious, and of whatever amazing moments of life have caught my attention.

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